Promote breast milk production 100% lactogenic Organic Nursing Tea


All Natural & Caffeine Free. Call us: 0500504193. This tea is an all-natural formulation that has been carefully curated to promote breast milk production. These herbs blends stimulate mammary glands to boost rapid breast milk production along with supporting ejection, let down and smooth flow. – Promotes Natural Milk Production – Supports Flow of Breast Milk Ejection – Facilitates Breast Milk ‘Let Down’

Promote breast milk production Looking for Foods to increase breast milk? How to produce more breast milk or Promote breast milk production? what foods help produce breast milk? increase milk supply? lactogenic food? how to increase breast milk in one day? foods that promote milk production? supplements to increase milk supply? how to eat garlic to increase breast milk? lactogenic foods to increase milk supply? Product name: Nursing and Lactation Tea or Promote breast milk production Tea
Specification: 20 tea bags/bag
Promote breast milk production
Promote breast milk lactogenic production

Promote breast milk production Tea Instructions: 

– Bring fresh water to a boil, put 1 tea bag in a cup, pour 8 ounces of prepared boiling water over the tea and steep for 4-6 minutes and enjoy. – Do it twice daily ( morning and evening)
breast milk tea
Main Ingredients Promote breast milk production tea:
Arillus Longan,Fructus Lycii ,Fructus Chaenomelis,Fructus
lacation tea
Jujubae,Flos Lonicerae ,Pericarpium Citri
Reticulatae ,Semen Persicae ,Mulberry ,Radix Platycodi Actions each herb: Arillus Longan -Actions-Strengthen heart and spleen, nourish blood to induce tranquilization. Fructus Lycii -Actions-Nourish liver and kidney yin, supplement blood and essence, and improve vision. Fructus Chaenomelis-Actions-Dispel wind-damp, sooth tendons and activate collaterals, resolve dampness for harmonizing stomach (Fructus Jujubae-Actions-Tonify qi, tonify spleen, nourish blood and induce tranquilization. Flos Lonicerae -Action-Clear heat and remove toxicity, disperse wind-heat, clear summer-heat. (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae- Actions-Promote flow of qi, arrest vomiting, dry dampness and resolve phlegm Semen Persicae- Actions-Activate blood and resolve stasis, moisten intestine and relax bowel, stop cough and relieve dyspnea Mulberry-Actions-Tonify the liver and kidney, nourish yin and blood, promote the secretion of saliva and moisten dryness. Radix Platycodi-Actions-Ventilate lung, dispel phlegm, relieve sore throat, expel pus .


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