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In general, apply after 10 mins to sex, temporary numbs the area and makes you last longer in bed.

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The effect of maxman’s booster cream is to relax the elasticity and thickness of the cell wall and achieve the purpose of penis enlargement by movement. It is like a plastic tube. If you want to increase its diameter, you have to heat it before you can do it. It must be pointed out that the combination of drugs and exercise can be successful. There must be enough exercise every day (10 minutes of exercise time a day), because exercise can make the surface of the cortex better absorbed, and the amount of blood in the penis is increased by stretching. Each cell space is increased to the maximum of the individual, and the MAXMAN penis enlargement ointment works both simple and safe. In general, after 2-6 weeks, the cell wall in the penis muscle becomes thicker, the space becomes larger, the blood inflow into the cavernous body increases, and the penis naturally increases.

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    55cm Fitness Ball

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60g / tube / box
[usage and dosage] first **** 揉1-2 minutes, then spray the agent on the surface of the ****, spray the entire **** evenly, wait a moment and then massage ****, massage can regularly perform stretching exercises dozens of times, the whole process is about 15 minutes, morning and evening.
[Shelf life] 5 years
[Special Tips] Storage at room temperature
1. The intensity or pressure of massage should not be too large, because it will cut off the blood circulation of ****. If you feel discomfort and pain, you should suspend the use of a section. time.
2. It is recommended to increase the intensity moderately every 2 weeks, so it should not exceed the tolerance limit of ****.
3, the organic combination of drugs and exercise, in order to make the effect faster, more obvious manifestation, it is recommended to have enough exercise (each time takes 10 minutes of exercise time).
4. Persistence and confidence are the basic requirements for completing the growth of **** and making it strong.
5, for adults only

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